Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Discreet Retail, we believe customer satisfaction is worth more than any of the products we offer. That's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Whether you are left feeling as though you didn't receive what you were expecting, or you're just plain old unhappy with your purchase from us, let us know!

Safe Transactions

At Discreet Retail, protecting our customers payment information is our top priority!

How We Keep Your Information Secure

In order for online payments to be secure, the payment information needs to be handled on a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, secure server. That's why after careful research and consideration, we decided the best option for protecting our customers payment information is to utilize Shopify's E-Commerce platform.

With Shopify, we never see our customers private payment information.

We can assure you we have integrated with one of the best in online retail to ensure your payment information stays safe!

Discreet Shipping

At Discreet Retail, we take privacy very seriously. We believe what you order online is no ones business but your own.

Secure Packaging

This is why every item you purchase from us will have a minimum of 2 layers of privacy protection to ensure that through the shipping process, the products you order aren't exposed if one the layers of packaging are damaged in the shipping process.

Boring Packaging

When sending your items, we will either send them in priority mail packaging, a plain gray mailer, or Kraft bubble mailer. At Discreet Retail, We only use the most common shipping materials.

Bland Shipping Labels

We also use a generic name on the return address of the label as to not arouse any special interest in any packages you order from us. (The package won't have "Discreet Retail" visible anywhere on the outside)

Being Discreet Means Being Plain

You may have noticed a theme, we do what we can to make your package as unassuming as possible. By making your package look like just another piece of mail, you can be sure no one will take a second look as your purchase makes its way from us, to you.

Fast Shipping

Remember the days when you'd have to wait over a week to receive your online (or mail order) purchase?

Those days are gone!

At Discreet Retail, we send out most orders within 48 hours on business days and send them either First Class or Priority Mail to ensure your purchase arrives quickly, usually within 4 business days.

Welcome To Discreet Retail

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